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White Belt Mentality

My kids used to study judo just down the street from my house.  One day, as I was dropping them off, I noticed a new guy, an instructor, was there in place of the usual black belt sensei.  This guy looked like maybe he knew something about judo; he had that old, venerable, Mr. Miyagi-san thing going on, but he wasn’t even ablack belt!  I was a little disappointed that this normally really solid club would allow a person without the proper credentials to instruct the children. Humph!  What kind of school is this that has some guy, with a funny looking red/white belt, to take over the class??

If you know anything about judo you know how flat out, upside down and backwards wrong I was!  Upon siding up to one of the junior instructors and asking, casually, “Uh, who’s this red belt guy?” I was told that this “red belt guy” was the founder of the club and one of the highest ranking judokas in the state!!”Uh, that’s, ah, great that he, ah, still has time to, you know, instruct our children,” I mumbled, humbled, back.

My understanding then and now is so baby, so infantile.  I know in part and see in part because that which is perfect is not yet.  Why is it that I think that I know something when I don’t?  Continue reading

Why Ice Cube’s Day Was Good

A few weeks back I had what I considered a really good work day. It started with an exciting problem-solving meeting with a friend and client in the morning, then a cup of coffee in one of my favorite book stores skimming the new book section, and later another meeting with a potential client brainstorming how to grow their business. I drove home that afternoon feeling pretty darn positive about the whole day. I realized that there are certain elements that make up that proverbial “good day” for me, i.e.challenging assignments that I feel contribute in a meaningful way to helping people. If that happens I’m singing a pretty happy tune.

Speaking of singing, every time I hear the phrase “it was a good day” I always fill it in with Ice Cube’s “didn’t have to use my A.K.” I went and found the lyrics and now have a pretty good idea of what Ice Cube characterizes (at least back then in this rap) as a good day 🙂 Continue reading