Be Happy D**N It! Mandatory Optimism in the Workplace?

Here’s a really interesting video lecture from RSA Animate with author/activist Barbara Ehrenreich.  The format is fascinating.  You hear Barbara talking as you watch video of an artist’s interpretation of the lecture.  Really fun.  The content is challenging as well.  Was the positive thinking approach largely responsible for the economic meltdown in America??  It might be (?) a little tongue-in-cheek (?) or maybe not.  What about at work?  Does my job description include me accomplishing my project to-do lists AND spreading warmth and good cheer along the way like one of Santa’s corporate elves?  How about all those naysayers who disagree with the party line?  Is it time for a happy class? Fun and stimulating thoughts.  Watch it if you’ve ever been involved in training, had someone tell you that you need to be more optimistic, felt like telling everyone around to be happy at work or been one of “those people” who are always looking at the worse-case-scenario.  🙂

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