Touch More, Love More. Touch More, Win More.

There’s some profound and interesting things in this article relating to teams – sports teams, work teams and home teams.

This from February 2010 article:

Couples: “But it looks so far like the couples who touch more are reporting more satisfaction in the relationship,” he said.

Teams: In a paper due out this year in the journal Emotion, Mr. Kraus and his co-authors, Cassy Huang and Dr. Keltner, report that with a few exceptions, good teams tended to be touchier than bad ones. The most touch-bonded teams were the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers, currently two of the league’s top teams; at the bottom were the mediocre Sacramento Kings and Charlotte Bobcats.

This article was written in February of this year (2010). Check the newspapers for who’s playing in the NBA finals today.

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