What NOT to Say to Get Rich

Words have power. In the Hawaiian culture we call this power mana and believe that when we speak it’s released into the world around us. Words mean something more than their meaning and if we can grasp certain principles we can change the quality of our life through the words we speak.


There’s a verse in the Bible about words having the power to build up or destroy, to bring life or death and I believe that. There’s a lot of us out there that also believe that sticks and stones can certainly break our bones but words can hurt, too—maybe more and for much longer.

Now, before we get much further into this, let me clarify something. I’m not one of those name-it-claim-it people who think that just because you say something out loud X number of times it’ll happen. I am one of those people, though, that believe our words do have power to direct our thinking and, since our thinking directs our actions, our words have power to shape our future.

I want to share three simple principles with you related to the mana in our words that can increase the mana in our lives.

The Spoken Word Has the Power to Change Our Thinking

Try saying this out loud: I’m rich. Say it again. One more time. Are you rich yet? Try again. Again. Nothing yet? Agai-

OK, that’s probably enough. Like me, you’ve figured out that no amount of saying it will get it. I don’t even think speaking or thinking about a thing “attracts” it. Wait, all I have to do is project out into the universe what I want and it will come to me? Really? Uh…OK.

So what about this principle then? Isn’t it the same thing: Speak and change? Sort of. There’s a fundamental difference that makes all the difference.

Don’t Make This Mistake!

The mistake many make is believing the words they speak can directly change their externals–their situation, environment or context. I’m poor now (external) but after I speak these magic words I’ll be rich (external). Wrong. Close but wrong . This only works if you find a bottle in a desert, rub it and see smoke start pouring out.

The major problem here is starting with the outcome rather than working the process. Focusing on the former is almost meaningless because you don’t have the means to achieve it. If I focus on the process, the internals of how I’ll get there, I have something much more attainable. It’s still difficult but I have a legitimate shot at making it. I need my thinking to change and the spoken word has the power, the mana to do it.

Our Changed Thinking Leads to Changed Actions

Once my thinking is changed my actions naturally change, too. When I change my actions, what I actually do, then my vision has a chance to be realized. If my goal really is to be rich then trying to change externals while ignoring internals will be a waste of time. Far better to say that I’m poor now (external) but as I change my thinking (internal) I will change my actions (external). I have to start with the process.

What do I need to be so that I can do so that I can have? I need the words that release me to become what I can be. Rather than sitting around proclaiming my future richness I want to use the mana in words like

  • Discipline
  • Hard work
  • Creativity
  • Perseverance

and have them change my internals first knowing that my externals naturally follow.

I am disciplined and do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. I work hard and put in the time and effort to achieve my goals. I am creative and see things in ways that are unique. I’m tenacious, dedicated and never give up.

As I say these words something happens within me that doesn’t when I say things like “I’m rich” or “I’m going to be rich.” When I start with positive character I finish with positive action. If I am these things I will do these things. If I do I will become. It’s a life-changing equation.

The spoken word has mana and this power affects our thinking which in turn affects our believing which in turn affects our doing which, ultimately can change our lives.

Changed Actions Lead to Changed Lives

Once our thinking is correctly lined up by speaking our words with power, our doing naturally follows. When my doing is different I get different results. My life is changed in and by this process.

The spoken word has mana and this mana can change your life. Mana is power, specifically, spiritual power that is in everything around us and in us. You can increase—or decrease—your level of mana by what you do and say, by how you live and act. Speak with of power. Use the mana in your words to change your life.

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